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These animated training videos have been developed as part of the FEPS-FMS Reclaiming Democracy project (2020-21). This project focused on value-driven policy development and democratic empowerment of young progressives, women and minorities.

Partner organisations in eleven EU neighbouring countries participated in the project by organising one training seminar each. We developed a tailor-made program for each country, depending on local political context. Trainings were dynamic and interactive, according to the FMS training principles: trainers provided the participants with tools and guided them in order to get the best out of the group. During the training short theoretical parts were combined with workshops.

To strengthen similar trainings in the future, we have developed six animated training videos. Each videos focuses on an important training module. These modules are about assessing the strength and position of political organizations, main campaign building blocks and negotiating.

By using animated videos, the theory behind these topics becomes more clear and thus they are a great tool for trainers, but also for participants who want to look back and refresh their minds. The videos are structured in a way that it becomes immediately clear what the main steps and considerations are, and lead to concrete actions and assignments. The videos are in English, but we are making them available with subtitles in the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Ukrainian. In case you would like to receive the videos with specific subtitles, please write us:


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