Becoming a better

There is no excuse for poor preparation

The politician's trade is something best learnt in practice: that is the prevailing consensus in many political parties. Of course it is true that there is no school like the school of hard knocks, but that is no reason to throw aspiring politicians to the wolves without any preparation whatsoever.

Political skills can definitely be learned. The extent to which political parties invest in this, however, varies greatly. In my opinion, a party's professionalism is directly related to the amount of attention devoted to training these skills.

There is no excuse for poor preparation. The politician's trade, like any other trade, requires constant training.

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) is the think tank of the social democratic political family at EU level. Our mission is to develop innovative research, policy advice, training and debates to inspire and inform progressive politics and policies across Europe. We operate as hub for thinking to facilitate the emergence of progressive answers to the challenges that Europe faces today. FEPS works in close partnership with its members and partners, forging connections and boosting coherence among stakeholders from the world of politics, academia and civil society at local, regional, national, European and global levels.

The Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) is a political foundation affiliated with the Dutch Labour Party. The vision of FMS stems from a social democratic background with international solidarity as its mission. The FMS believes that the voice of people in developing countries should resound in Dutch and European politics. In order to put development cooperation on the top of the political agenda, the FMS advocates fair Dutch and European politics and organises political debates and public events on international solidarity.

The European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity is a platform for cooperation between social democratic parties and political foundations. It aims to contribute to the development of (social) democracy in Eastern & South Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. The European Forum is dedicated to support the transformation and democratisation processes in the above mentioned regions. It informs the international social democratic movement on the political situation in the countries of the EU neighbourhood with an emphasis on the developments of social democracy. In addition, the European Forum coordinates projects in these countries.